This website provides user-friendly resources designed to enhance leadership expertise. The Direct Access Index Page provides easy access to the following topics: capacity building, team building, listening skills, productive meeting strategies, decision-making, professional learning, as well as, acronym-based reminders and self-reflection quizzes.
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The Leadership Wall is a website designed by Dr. A. E. Ted Wall to facilitate the development of leadership expertise. Leaders and potential leaders may enjoy and benefit from taking the time to explore the knowledge, skills and values shared on these pages. Please scroll down to read more . . .

Dr. A. E. Ted Wall is a retired Professor from McGill University where he served as the Dean of the Faculty of Education. For the past twenty years, Dr. Wall has presented papers and conducted workshops on leadership development in Canada, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, as well as, Trinidad and Tobago.
        He is known for his acronym-based presentations, interactive knowledge-building sessions,  and the sharing of personal stories from academia, schools, and sport! He is also interested in ICT-supported learning and uses a variety of multi-media tools to facilitate learning in his seminars.

If you are a member of the Double Triple A Society, that is, the Ancient Association Against Annoying Acronym Abuse, you may wish to avoid this website. If not, I hope that you find it of interest and of some value to you!

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