This website provides user-friendly resources designed to enhance leadership expertise. The Direct Access Index Page provides easy access to the following topics: capacity building, team building, listening skills, productive meeting strategies, decision-making, professional learning, as well as, acronym-based reminders and self-reflection quizzes.
     Please click on the topic that interests you to access the resources.


PLANNING AND ORGANIZING EFFECTIVE MEETINGS - THis video provides some basic ideas on the planning and organizing of effective meetings.

PREPARING AN EFFECTIVE AGENDA - This video provides several examples of strategies that can help in the planning of effective agendas. Click below to start the video

DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP SKILLS - Purpose and Design of Series
The following video - Developing Leadership Skills  - describes the purpose and design of the series of leadership videos that will be uploaded on this website over the next months related to the development of leadership expertise. The videos have a "how-to" focus and provide further information on many of the leadership skills shared on this website. Click below to start the video. 

STEPS TO EFFECTIVE LISTENING - This video on Steps to Effective Listening shares several suggestions on ways to enhance listening for understanding. It is based on the three parts of the Scoring the Effective Listening Questionnaire found on the Self-reflection Page of website.
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